My business Philosophy

When I meet a customer, I am meeting a friend. Someone I want to see in the grocery store after their installation and smile and chat and laugh for a minute together.

When I’m buying something that cost thousands of dollars I want to be working with someone who sees me as more than a dollar sign.

I want someone who cares about my happiness, my point of view, what I’m really trying to accomplish, and someone who is determined to deliver what they say they will deliver. Someone who authentically cares.

I feel assured and at ease when working with a person who is knowledgable about the products and services they are offering, so I bring you my wealth of knowledge. I appreciate working with someone who respects my decision making style while taking into consideration the expertise and dedication I bring to each job.

“Really caring” is the heart of my business and I think that’s why my customers like me so much and recommend me very often, without me even asking them to.


At Sandra’s Custom Shutters we offer quality in every category. Custom shutters, (paint or stain, or knotty alder), soft treatments(roman or roller shades) blinds, film and energy efficiency sunscreens (that protect your cherished home decor).

Our products transform the look and feel of every room. Whether it’s an enhancement for your existing home or business, or selecting window coverings for a new construction, Sandra’s Custom Shutters will provide the crowning touch. We have you covered!

Sandra’s Custom Shutters delivers QUALITY and INTEGRITY on all fronts
We do this through:

  1. The use of state of the art technology,
  2. Partnering with top reputable, local factories,
  3. Curating skilled craftsman installers
  4. All while supporting our local economy.
  5. Every purchase you make with Sandra’s Custom Shutters is always backed by excellent manufacturer’s warranties.


We certainly are not the “cheap” option but we are constantly receiving emphatic feedback from our happy customers about how AFFORDABLE and WELL-PRICED we are.

Buyer BEWARE: We are often the ones called to homes who never received their shutters though losing their money to unlicensed contractors. We clean up their mess.

It’s better to start with us… Do business with a trusted friend who is licensed, bonded, and insured by the Arizona Register of Contractors. (#ROC326017)

Get it right the first time